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About Project

AgriSCALE is a joint initiative by 9 HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) in Finland, Kenya, Italy, Uganda and Zambia. We will work to reform agri-entrepreneurship education to equip graduates with working life-relevant and entrepreneurial skills. The new generation will have the competencies to create jobs and to improve the sustainability of agriculture.


We believe in learning through doing. Students will solve real-life business challenges in multinational teams to find new sustainable business opportunities. As a result, a new network-based learning ecosystem will be created by partner HEIs, the industrial sector and societal partners for continuous development of education even after the project lifetime.

AgriSCALE is implemented in 2020–2023. The project is supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Through student challenge, I obtained knowledge on innovative problem solving which involves identification challenges in the society and solving them using technology


Kwesiga Martin, Gulu University Student

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