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Developing Collaborative Learning ecosystem Worskhop in UNZA/ 28th-30th June 2023

Local coordinators for AgriSCALE met for the first workshop for 2023 in Gulu, Uganda hosted by Gulu University back in February between 20th-24th 2023. The four day workshop was an opportunity to discuss key aspects of the ongoing project and outline strategies to intensify its impact in the target countries; Zambia, Uganda and Kenya.

AgriSCALE project Local Coordinators in Gulu, Uganda

This meeting played a significant role in creating consensus for drafting the request for extension as partners realized there were many more activities & objectives they wanted to accomplish as part of the project.

It's June 2023 and the funding agency has approved the request for extension. The new closing date for the project is 31st March 2024 (previously 31st September 2023)

In light of this great news, partners will be meeting on the premises of the University of Zambia from 28th - 30th June 2023 to actively start work on creating a collaborative learning ecosystem environment. The partners will join an industry collaboration training and continue with project related meetings.

At the end of the workshop, partners will have explored opportunities for strengthening university-industry collaboration to enhance training of university students towards achieving the project objective of reformation in agri-entrepreneurship training in Sub Sahara Africa.

The UNZA team is excitedly preparing to receive partners as they make arrangements to travel this & next week.

"The UNZA team looks forward to welcoming you"- Dr Chewe Nkonde, Project Local Coordinator, University of Zambia


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