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Egerton University Newsletter about ongoing Student Challenges in Kenya

Text Egerton University, Kenya

Egerton University is hosting the 2022 AgriSCALE Student Challenge Event at Main Campus in Njoro. The Student Challenge Event that aims to promote community development in line with the research output dissemination mandate of the University. It addresses real-life problems by developing and delivering innovations that uplift society, contributing positively to the University’s vision.

AgriSCALE is a multi-institutional and cross-regional project in Capacity Building for Higher Education (CBHE). The Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and is a consortium of 9 project partners from 5 countries. Häme University of Applied Sciences – HAMK (Finland), Gulu University (Uganda), Bishop Stuart University (Uganda), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture (Kenya), Egerton University (Kenya), University of Zambia (Zambia), Mulungushi University (Zambia), Aalto University Foundation (Finland) and University of Pavia (Italy).

During kick off ceremony were the Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaack Kibwage, Registrar (Academic Affairs) Prof. Mwanarusi Saidi, Dean Agriculture Prof. Patience Mshenga and participating students drawn from Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Italy and Finland.

“AgriSCALE aims to create a new entrepreneurship learning ecosystem based on student-centered Problem-based learning (PBL), Collaboration and networking with industry and societal partners and sharing knowledge through a community of practice,” said the Dean Prof. Mshenga during the kick-off ceremony.

The Registrar AA Prof. Mwanarusi welcomed the participants to the event.

The Vice Chancellor Prof Kibwage noted that the Student Challenge aims to promote community development which is in line with the research output dissemination mandate of Egerton University.

The challenge addresses real life problems through the development and delivery of innovations that uplift the society contributing positively towards the university’s vision. The industry linkages aspect of the student challenge is applauded and encouraged as Egerton University has always and is still pursuing strengthening its Public-Private Partnerships,” said Prof. Kibwage.

The University strongly advocates for Problem Based Learning pedagogy and is incorporating the pedagogy techniques in delivery of its curricula. We will accord due support required for the implementation of the student challenge and the project as a whole,” added the VC.

The Student Challenge is an annual event and this year’s event at Egerton University is running from 28 March to 3 April 2021.


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