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One year of transforming agri-entrepreneurship education

The first active year of activities of AgriSCALE has come to an end with excellent results. Read the annual report for detailed information about the project’s progress.

Students of different ethnicities working in a group

In January 2020, nine European and African higher education institutions (HEIs) launched a joint initiative for reforming agri-entrepreneurship education in Kenya, Zambia and Uganda. The project intends to reform educational programmes through the adoption of the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach, a teaching method in which students learn by actively designing solutions to problems encountered in real working life.

AgriSCALE promotes student-centred education with practical applications of the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. In this context, small groups of students will solve real-life challenges facilitated by private companies and non-profit organisations. In many universities, this is a major change as compared to the current lecture-based teaching.

In preparing the educational reform, project partners have conducted surveys and focus group discussions for a better understanding of the current situation. In addition, AgriSCALE is currently running a PBL training for teachers in the partner HEIs. While learning about the training topics, participants also gain personal experience on interactive online classes in a large group, as well as extend their professional networks.

The next phase of the project is to launch online student projects starting from September 2021 and live student challenges in the field once travelling is possible. If you are interested in participating in the student challenges, please contact your local coordinator.


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