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PBL projects starting in September

The first PBL projects will soon begin with students investigating ways of improving the sustainability and productivity of agriculture in Kenya and Uganda.

The first problem-based learning projects under AgriSCALE are about to begin shortly with cases compiled by two partner universities. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya and Bishop Stuart University in Uganda have arranged five projects together with partner companies. The projects are focusing on improving the sustainability and productivity of crop and livestock farming.

In Kenya, students will start to explore production and usage of organic fertilisers with Real IPM as the client company. Through this project, students will learn the value of their own professional field to the context of climate change. Students will also develop their abilities to apply sustainability practices and knowledge in their future working life.

In Uganda, students will investigate the sustainability of banana farming with Ankole Banana Farmers’ Cooperative; improve calf health in Mbarara; find links between bio-organic farming and youth employment with iSOFT; and increase innovation adoption among farmers through peer-to-peer dissemination.

Students will be working in international group virtually and in the field. Students will be sharing their experiences of hands-on problem-solving on AgriSCALE’s website, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay tuned!


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