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Project expected outcome

Degrees with relevant 21st Century Competences for employability

Original start and end date: 1/01/2020- 14/01/2023

Updated dates:1/01/2020- 03/2024


Achieved results 

Expected results 

Kenyan partners are implementing PBL methodology as follows:

  • EGU will update courses (degree programme) on Bachelor of Agribusiness Management, Msc Agribusiness Management, Msc Agronomy Agrienterprise development, MSc Animal Science and MSc Food Science. The project will incorporate new ways of teaching agro-entrepreneurship and management to the courses and ink the university to enterprises  providing possibilities for internship programmes and entreprenerurial ventures.


  • JKUAT will open a new course: Msc in Agribusiness and update the programme MSc Research Methods.

  • The tangible results in KE include (44 students participating to field pilots/challenges, student entrepreneurship skills enhanced incorporation of entrepreneurship and innovation delivery methodologies for the staff (32 staff trained), and strengthened HEI-industry partnership for collaboration.

Ugandan partner HEIs  committed to update existing courses and accrediting new courses as follows:

  • GU will update courses BSc. Food and Agribusiness, BSc. Entrepreneurship and Communication Management, MSc. Food security and Community nutrition and MSc. Agri-Enterprises Development.


  • BSU will accredit two new programmes based on PBL method: Masters in Agribusiness Incubation Management and Masters in Agribusiness Incubation Management. In BSU two courses; Masters in Agribusiness and Value Chain Management and Bachelor of Animal Health and Production are updated to PBL methodology.

  • The tangible results in UG include a well-grounded graduates from programs piloted (44), possibly student enterprises created, teaching methods changed to student centered (30 teachers trained), and a collaborative Community/industry partnerships created for further expansion. 

In Zambia, the project will focus on updating the existing courses.

  • UNZA will update the following courses: Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension and Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences.


  • MU will adopt PBL to Bachelor of Agribusiness Management and MSc Agribusiness courses. In addition to the curricula methodology changes, the tangible results include: increased pedagogical, competence of faculty staff on PBL methods in course planning and implementation (30 trained)


  • MoUs and partnership agreements with business and other co-creation partners and a now collaborative learning ecosystem set up based on the cooperation with industry and societal partners. Students who participate (44) to the field pilots/challenges are equipped with more work-life relevant competences for employability. 

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