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Our Activities - Teacher training

AgriSCALE is implemented through training for teachers and sustainable business challenges for students. Teachers and managerial staff in the partner HEIs participate in ODL and PBL training courses and workshops to learn more about student-centred teaching, gain new pedagogical skills, and understand e-learning strategies holistically to support online teaching. Staff members also attend workshops to integrate the new methods of PBL, climate-smart agriculture, and entrepreneurship into the curricula.

Teachers' training in 2021

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4–8/2021 PBL training

After PBL training, teachers can better identify themselves as facilitators of the students’ learning process. In addition, participants have a deep understanding of online learning and are able to design online courses in a way to support student-centred learning.

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9–11/2021 ODL training

Through ODL training, teachers develop their competence in planning, preparing, and organising online and distance-based education. The course was organised under AgriSCALE's sister project PBL-BioAfrica.

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