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List of Publications 

1. Can water hyacinth be a game changer for domestic energy energy security in  lake Victoria region in Western kenya. (

2. Introducing problem-based learning to teach dairy production in Zambia for the first time: A teacher’s perspective (

3. Application of problem-based learning in higher education in soil and climate change studies ( 

4. Challenges of using problem-based learning in Africa’s higher education institutes and the way forward (

5. Professional training on problem-based learning for East and Southern African university teachers: Lessons learned (

6. University-industry collaboration through problem-based learning 


7. Problem-based learning framework for agricultural extension to boost agricultural productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa (

8. Building effective student teams in problem-based learning 


9. The challenges and needs of professional teacher training 


10. Educational perspective for solving Zambia’s and Kenya's dairy value chain challenges


11. The need for an educational paradigm shift in Africa (

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