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 Dr Miriam Kyule, Egerton University Lecturer

Participating in the professional teacher training programme was a turning point in my teaching career. The training changed my thinking of teaching and learning, and the way I formulate learning activities.

Maija Pyhälammi & Annamari Hietanen, HAMK Students

We got the opportunity to literally put our hands in to the dirt, when we made the compost manure also using the water hyacinth harvested nearby.

Abalo Harriet , Gulu University Student

The challenge was my life turning point experience. I got the chance to apply theoretical skills learnt from class into practical aspects like process of disease diagnosis and rural sociology.

John Ngoka Ngala, Gulu University Student

"During the company visits, we visited Biofit feeds, Flexi biogas international & CIST Africa limited companies involved in animal feeds, biogas and bioethanol production.

Edward Sympaku, Mulungushi University Lecturer

The use of online teaching and assessment is one of the most valued teaching methods. AgriSCALE provides an opportunity to include something new in the curricula.

Oryem Naome Juliet, Egerton University Student

"We had the pleasure of making compost manure from water hyacinth harvested from a nearby swamp. It showed us how much responsibility the community is willing to take when they are engaged from the beginning."

Maikah Bazil, Egerton University Student

I could not ignore any further the role each individual contributes to the global scale of change.

Kwesiga Martin, Gulu University Student

Through student challenge, I obtained knowledge on innovative problem solving which involves identification challenges in the society and solving them using technology "

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